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Learn the problem Letters of English Alphabet

জেনে নিন কোন কোন ইংরেজী বর্ণমালার উচ্চারণ আমাদের ভূল হয়। শিখে ফেলুন ইংরেজী ২৬ টি বর্ণমালার সঠিক উচ্চারণ

Dear readers today we are going to learn the problem letters of English Alphabet. Please see the video the learn the correct pronunciation of the Alphabet.

As we all know there are twenty six letters in English alphabet. We usually start learning English from alphabet but unfortunately almost half of the 26 letters we utter are incorrect. We are often misunderstood while communicating with others because of not knowing the correct pronunciation of English alphabet. It is very important to know the right pronunciation of 26 letters of English alphabet for those who are taking preparation for IELTS exam. In Listening section of IELTS exam, one may find 2-4 questions relating to letters which they can easily answer if they know the correct pronunciation of the letters.

For that reason, in our today's tutorial we have come to you with problem letters and their correct pronunciation.

I hope you will find this tutorial very much helpful for your English spoken as well as listening. If you have any suggestions or complaint, please let us know by commenting in the comment box.

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