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ইংরেজি শেখা খুবই মজা

Spoken English সহ সকল কোর্সে ৫০% ছাড়!!!

Our Latest Courses

Phonetics [ শুদ্ধ উচ্চারণ সহ ইংরেজি শিক্ষার কোর্স ]

Learn Phonetics

Learn English Pronunciation which includes 44 sounds of English language, aspirated sounds, use of “r” in British and American English,Intonation, word stress, sentence stress, rhythm, assimilation, elision,glottal stop. This course will help you improve pronunciation & speak English fast.

Learn Phonetics

Spoken English [ স্পোকেন ইংলিশ কোর্স ]


Do you feel shy to speak with others? Join Spoken English Couse designed for Bangladeshi learners. You can learn how to speak English fluently. Saroar Hossain has designed the course in a way that all learners from basic to advance level will get benifit from it.

Learn to speak in English

IELTS [ ইংরেজির দক্ষতা যাচাইয়ের কোর্স ]


Get real tips for your next IELTS Exams!Follow all the tutorials made by IELTS experts to bild up your IELTS Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking skills and get your desired score in the real exam. Our lessons have been parepared for both Academic & General Module for band score 8+.

Learn about IELTS

Common Mistakes in English [ কমন মিসটেইকস ইন ইংলিশ ]

Common Mistakes in English

No one on earth is above mistakes. No matter what we do, we make mistkaes at the very beginning. Learn English is no exception. We'll guide you through the most commont mistakes we make while speaking or writing English.

Mistakes in English

Saroar Hossain

Saroar Hossain- CEO & Language Trainer at EnglishClubBD

Saroar Hossain is the founder and CEO of EngilshClubBD and an English Lanugage trainer at Mentors' Education Limited. He is incredibly enthusiastic about innovation in learning and teaching English language. Since 2010 he has been helping people improve their English skils, especially speaking, pronunciation and presentation skills, and become a confident English speaker.

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