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A Funny Text for Learning the 44 Sounds of English & Building up Fluency

A Funny Text for Learning 44 Sounds

মজার একটি টেক্সট পড়ে শুদ্ধ করে নিন আপনার ইংরেজি উচ্চারণ

মজার এই টেক্সটটি ইংলিশ স্পিকিং এ জড়তা কাটানোর জন্য ও ফ্লুয়েন্সি বাড়ানোর জন্য খুবিই সহায়ক। website থেকে video/audio টি মনোযোগ দিয়ে শুনুন আর পুরো হুবুহু নকল করার চেষ্ট করুন। এতে করে আপনার ইংলিশ ৪৪ টি সাউন্ড ও চর্চা হয়ে যাবে। যেহেতু বাক্যগুলো একটু কঠিন উচ্চারণ করা তাই আপনি যখন পরো শেষ করবেন, দেখবেন আপনার ইংলিশ স্পিকিং এর ফ্লুয়েন্সি অনেক বেড়ে গেছে।

To download the pdf file of the text, please click on the following link

Download the PDF file here

Gita: Papa, Poly purchased a pink colour pen.
Papa: That’s very bad because Babul will be very angry for this.
Gita: And do you know what the price is? Ten taka and ten paisa.
Dad: Oh, it’s too bad. Because her teacher told her not to do this.
Gita: Papa, do you know Dipu’s Dad, Dr. Dipjol?
Papa: Of course I do. But can you tell me why?
Gita: Because Kamal, Dipu’s cousin kicked Koly so hard. And Koly is the only friend of Poly.
Dad: Please go away from here Gita. I’m not going to listen to anything from you now.
Gita: Sorry Dad, I was just kidding. But dad, I’ve to tell you something important.
Dad: What’s that?
Gita: Today Fatema’s father found four flying flies on the floor.
Dad: For what did he find the flying flies on the floor? The foul man should fry those flying flies to feed the fat man in the fourth floor.
Gita: Dad, very bad. You don’t know the value of victory.
Dad: What! Finding some flying flies on the floor is a victory you think?
Gita: Of course it is dad.
Dad: Thank you my dear mad girl.
Gita: Sorry dad, this time also I was kidding with you. But dad, I’ve another problem.
Dad: What’s that again.
Gita: Dad, I thought a thought, but the thought I thought wasn’t the thought I thought I thought.
Dad: Now what can I do for you young lady?
Gita: Dad, don’t be so angry with me. I thought an important thought when I was in my friend’s house. But their fathers, mothers, and brothers were not there that time.
Dad: Gita, I don’t understand anything.
Gita: Dad, believe me, I am serious this time. I’ve to tell you something…..
Dad: Well, go ahead.
Gita: Dad, I met a man mourning near the mountain this morning.
Dad: Didn’t you ask the man what happened to him?
Gita: Yes, I did. I took him to the hospital. You will be astonished that nine nice night nurses were nursing him nicely at the night.
Dad: That’s good. Is the man ok now?
Gita: No, he is not.
Dad: Why?
Gita: Because the throng outside sang a song with bang sound. That sound made the man very madly in the middle of the night.
Dad: Oh I see.
Gita: Dad, can I get some more time from you?
Dad: Gita you are really too clever.
Gita: Dad, do you now Chompa?
Dad: Yes, I do. What happened to her?
Gita: Chompa was chewing a chewing gum of cherry by sitting on a chair.
Dad: There’s no harm in that!
Gita: No no dad. Another girl with beautiful hair, was sitting on a chair, was looking over there.
Dad: Why was she looking over there?
Gita: Because Chompa stole the chewing gum of that girl.
Dad: That’s really really bad. Steading can’t be forgiven. You’re not allowed to be friend of Chompa, mind it.
Gita: Ok dad, I won’t. Dad, please another thing.
Dad: Ok, tell me quickly.
Gita: Dad, do you know Jolly Auntie?
Dad: Yes, I do! What happened to her?
Gita: At last jealous Jolly Auntie joined the job in July.
Dad: Why and with whom is she jealous?
Gita: To mom.
Dad: Is that right?
Gita: Yes it is dad. She is and she was jealous because she used to sell seashells by the seashore. But mom used to do a job at that time and Jolly auntie was jealous.
Dad: Oh I see. The girls are really jealous.
Gita: Dad! Don’t say that.
Dad: Why?
Gita: Because your friend Joynal is also jealous with you.
Dad: No, he is not!
Gita: Yes he is, dad.
Dad: How?
Gita: Can you remember the rhyme “Fuzzy Wazzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wazzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wazzy wasn’t very fuzzy, was he?”
Dad: Yes I can dear.
Gita: Someone told me that when you were in High School, Joynal uncle couldn’t rhyme it but you could and for that he was jealous with you.
Dad: Who told you this?
Gita: Mom.
Dad: Oh dear, please now let me do my work.
Gita: Well dad, I’m going to meet my friend Shamim.
Dad: Bye!
Gita: Bye!
Gita: Shamim, can I show you our new washing machine?
Shamim: Oh sure.
Gita: It’s my great pleasure to have this. When I get leisure time, I was my clothes.
Shamim: Looks lovely, ha! I like it very much.
Gita: Hey! Can you read the red brand name of the machine?
Shamim: Ah ha! Of course. Hee hee heee.
Gita: Wow, you can laugh so damn well.
Shamim: Yes, yes, it is the laugh of PHONEITCS.

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